“Economic Growth Without Distributive Justice Can Only Lead to Violence”.

“Economic Growth without distributive justice can only lead to violence”. A steady economic growth is a sign of a growing economy. Good economic growth often leads to the prosperity of the people of the country. But this is not always true for the entire population. Even when only 5% of the population is booming economically the economic growth would show a steady rise which though good for a country on the international front ,is a not so good for a country on the domestic front. Economic growth without distributive justice can only lead to violence.
The economy wherein the rich get richer and the poor get poorer everyday is devoid of peace and prosperity. In India,it has happened in the past and happens even today ,when the employees see their employers make huge money while they are struggling to even make both ends meet,they hold protests,go on strikes demanding fee hike. It creates a void in the society, a gap that is hard to fill, a swamp that sucks the entire nation in. It is not very easy to see people become rich when you don’t even get food twice a day.
This leads to thefts,murders,and violence in the society. And with so many wrongdoings happening around you,the trust vanishes. The sense of living in a large family named society eludes us. Thus ,in my opinion the government of every country must put the best foot forward to ensure that the income is distributed as evenly as possible in the society to maintain peace and harmony in the society,so that the people can stay together and rejoice each other’s growth and achievements.

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