Each part needs to be 2 paragraphs

Part 1The purpose of
this discussion is to examine the concept of sociology and the
differences in contemporary perspectives of sociological thinking.Which
of the theoretical approaches (such as functionalist, conflict,
symbolic interactionist, postmodern, etc.) do you feel is most accurate
when describing the social world and the social problems within it? You
can list more than one. Please explain your selection(s). Can sociological insight be applied to gang violence and drug addiction? Explain why or why notPart 2Please review Computer Technology, Large Organizations, and the Assault of Privacy, located in Chapter 7 in your textbook.In your opinion, what role, if any, do you think culture plays in the “Assault on Privacy?” Explain your reasoning. What sorts of personal data should be kept private? Should data-gathering companies be allowed to sell information about your income? Bill-paying history? Medical History? Product purchases? Arrest history? Why or why not?Part 3The
purpose of this discussion is to describe the major elements that
define and influence a society. In this discussion we will discuss how
race and ethnicity influence society.Describe major elements that define and influence a society including race, class and gender. Consider
the labels that you have learned throughout your socialization, and the
negative qualities that you have learned to associate with those
labels. How do these labels affect your perception of others today? In general, how do your perceptions about race and ethnicity influence how you react to others? Does one ethnic group have more influence on our society in the U.S. than others?Research your answer using at least additional source, other than your textbook. Be prepared to defend your answer.

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