E Marketing -5

Q1. (a) What are the steps in the consumer purchase process? List them and explain each step in two to three sentences.
(b) Is a consumer likely to follow all these steps when making a purchase decision? Why?
(c) Discuss when is it likely that all these steps will be followed and why.
Q2. (a) In a business purchase situation (B2B), who are likely to provide input in the decision making process? List them and describe each of the roles in 2 – 3 sentences.
(b) Most businesses have a web presence. In the B2B scenario, is the website all that is needed to make a sale? Why?
(c) Discuss the purpose of the website?                          
Q3.  Usability is a very important factor to pay attention to in web design. It is most likely the key to ensuring that your website doesn’t fail. However, it is said that designers are not users and users are not designers.  As a marketer, suggest at least two practical solutions to ensure a win-win outcome for both users and designers.
Explain these solutions clearly and concisely in at least five or six sentences (not lines).
Q4. Recall the scenario of the Mom & Pop establishment presented in the week 4 discussion assignment.
It is late in the evening and one of your potential customers has been surfing the net for some hours looking for a custom guitar store. She comes upon your website.  She wonders, “Does this business actually exist?” 
What information on the homepage will likely help to assure her that the business does exist?
Be sure to provide a comprehensive list of things she will likely look for and why.

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E Marketing -5
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