Dumbest Generation

Mark Bauerlein seems to believe that is the dumbest generation because research has shown that knowledge skills and intellectual habits have gone down, and although some people agree with him, others don’t. I believe this generation isn’t the dumbest because there are other things that need to be considered when calling someone, a group of people, or even an entire generation stupid or dumb, rather than just knowledge skills and intellectual habits. Knowledge isn’t all about what people know or how well they are in school. IQ tests test the intelligence of the person; however they test the pure thinking capacity rather than what people know.
This means that intelligence comes from the entire cognitive thinking ability and not what they know. IQ tests have also been rising since the 1930’s (Source B). Furthermore, just because this doesn’t know things that people knew two generations before us did, doesn’t make us dumb. This generation is learning about things that people didn’t even know about two or even one generation ago. Also, most students in college don’t think that what was important back then is relevant today, so they don’t see the point in remembering or learning about it. That isn’t stupidity, that’s just choice in the information that they wish to hold.
Plus, some people are more intelligent about certain things about other people, but that doesn’t make them dumb or stupid about that subject. They just don’t understand it as much as other people. If you look at other subjects for that person, I’m sure you’ll find their strong spot, and what they’re good at. It all depends on what their brain can understand and comprehend. Moreover, students and even adults are coming together. They create groups and social activities that allow people with similar interests and intelligence to get together and help and teach what they know about that particular subject.

They come to these people for their knowledge to improve their craft, gain reputation, and expanding their intelligence and interest in their craft (Source C). Although most people may disagree, the new media and social advances help with this. It allows students to reach people around the globe and get other information so they get direct information. According to Mizuko (Source C), “Youth respect one another’s authority online and are more often motivated to learn from peers than adults. ” So by this meaning, the social media allows students to learn in a more advanced way to where they don’t feel like they are being condescending.
This also allows the students to learn more of on their own and exploring, rather than knowing the goals and going by a direct lesson plan. Given the fact that most students use Google instead of a library might make people think that we are being derived of learning how to do research on our own. Although most people are right, Google does have benefits. If someone just needs a quick way to get information, Google is good place to get started. Most people know to make sure things are doubled in places rather than just in one place though, so they know what to do about how to research.
Additionally, having social media and the internet, texting, email etc. , also creates more chances of writing. Most parents and teachers think that this is causing a downfall in school and literacy capabilities but in reality its actually helping. According to Thompson (Source G), she believes we are in the middle of a literacy revolution. This generation writes more than any other generation before. Most peoples’ writing happens outside the classroom. It may not be very advanced writing, but it is writing. It works the writing and literacy capabilities because it is still writing. They have to read, comprehend, understand, and respond.
All of which includes using the abilities that they already had. Also, almost thirty-eight percent of writing happens outside of the classroom. Everything that people write, including texting and email etc. , add up and help with their brain which expands their learning and thinking capacity. Along with social media, there are video games. The people who play video games say that they help with hand-eye coordination, and those who don’t say that the video games make the brains weak. But in all actuality, video games help expand the thinking capacity and help the thinking and learning capabilities.
They figure out how to get through things in the game and don’t just cheat by using a manual. They have to think about what could happen next or look at how things happen so they know how to act, react, and do (Source F). Furthermore, every generation has their “dumb spots”. That doesn’t make each generation the dumbest generation though. One person can’t say that this is the dumbest generation when every generation is dumb at some point or with some group of people. In 1962, according to Simpson, (Source E), he did a documentary about a group of people who didn’t even know what most people did know at their age.
They barely knew anything at all and they weren’t able to spend all day texting or playing video games. Each generation has their problems, so one cannot pinpoint what generation is the dumbest generation. So, although some people believe different, I believe this generation is not the dumbest generation because knowledge is not all about the amount of information a person holds. It’s about the thinking capacity and other things can interrupt that thinking process, and also, each generation has their “dumb” faults. This generation may be more evident, but it is not the dumbest generation.

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Dumbest Generation
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