Chapter 10:

Original posts should be at least 200 words in length.  

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Andrew Jackson was elected President twice (1828 and 1832). He won both elections by strong majorities. As such, Jackson enjoyed significant public support for his policies and remained a popular figure until his death in 1845.

Defend or negate the following statement:

As president, the Second Bank of the United States proved Jackson’s most formidable challenge.  

Please add one in-text citation from the book: 
ask the book from me
Add one in-text citations from the following video: 
Please view the following video: Chapter 10
1)  The Age of Jackson: http://searchcenter.intelecomonline.net/playClipDirect.aspx?id=5FEC0225BE58FE3E05037DEB3E144903931E7BDAD9AC3B350491C097E2B3BB324429EEBB9BDA6FAD890B441A8FE22A96


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