Concept Analysis Paper (25%): Maximum of 5 pages excluding title page and references. Do not include an abstract with this paper. Upload the paper including the title page and reference page(s) into the Assignment Link located in Unit 8 in Course Materials. Review the directions regarding Safe Assign on Blackboard. The minimum number of references for this paper is 5.
The purpose of this paper is to analyze a concept that is relevant to your nursing practice. You may choose a concept from the list provided by the professor or another concept that is of interest to you. Recommended concepts:

I uploaded a screenshot of the different concepts

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If you choose a concept that is not on the list, you must receive permission from the professor. 

Develop a paper that includes the following:

Introduction (20 points) – Briefly introduce the concept paper by defining the concept, providing background information on the concept,  your rational for analyzing the concept, and identify the aim of the analysis. End the introduction with a purpose statement (The purpose of this paper is to…)

Literature Review (50 points) – Review the literature on the use of the chosen concept in nursing and at least two disciplines other than nursing. Compare and contrast the following among the three disciplines:

Definitions for the concept in each discipline and how each discipline uses the concept. 
Identify the key characteristics or attributes of the concept. For example, a key characteristic of the concept of pregnancy is a fetal heartbeat. 
Identify the antecedents and the consequences for the concept. Antecedents are incidents leading to the concept. For example, the antecedents of pregnancy are ovulation and sexual intercourse. Consequences follow the concept. For example, the consequence of pregnancy is either miscarriage or birth.
Identify empirical referents of the concept

Cases (20 points)      – Develop two cases using the attributes that you identified during the review of the literature. Include one model case and either a contrary, related or a borderline case. 
Conclusion (10 points) – Completely summarize your thoughts without introducing new content.

APA – This paper must be presented in an organized and scholarly fashion following APA 7th edition guidelines. Up to seven (7) points can be deducted for the following: 

Clarity – 3 points
References – 2 points
APA Format – 2 points


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