Docmented Essay/ What’s Next: A look ahead

ENG 111      Documented Essay   /      What’s Next: A Look Ahead       
“Research is facts; just as houses are made of stones, so is research is made of facts; but a pile of stones is not a house, and a collection of facts is not necessarily research.”
  Henri Poincare
This essay provides an introduction to research and using documented outside sources in your writing. Document means that you include reference information for sources in your essay and then list these citations at the end of the essay according to MLA style format
For this essay you should write an essay presenting a “new” idea for readers that is supported by credible expert sources. You should not write report on an idea that readers know a lot about or are fairly familiar with.
Note this: Your essay should offer readers something valuable about a chosen topic and your perspective on it—the guiding theme for this semester is this: What’s Next: A Look Ahead (your essay must consider what the future holds related to your issue or topic)
The primary characteristic of this essay requires that you take an active role in selecting a topic that genuinely interests you and that you need or desire to know more about.  This is important. This essay is not a report or telling of facts about a topic that readers will not care about.
To receive full credit, this essay should be written in four integrated sections:

Create Context indicating a      reason to write about this particular topic
Reveal a significant point      that readers will benefit knowing about
Present common assumptions, beliefs, ideas then focus on a new perspective or point
Support your ideas/claims with information and      relevant examples from credible      cited sources 

You should use 3 reputable and diverse sources (print or non-print current articles, books and reliable Internet websites). The authors of these sources should be credentialed (tell who they are and why we should believe them) in your essay and have credible reputations. You should use a Figure an image/photo/graph as part of your essay and one block passage (5 line or more passage from a source).
You must integrate and credential quoted phrases and limit the citing of full sentences from these sources in your essay. 
You must prepare and include a short properly MLA formatted Works Cited section for your essay.

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