Do You Agree to Redevelop a City

Do you agree to redevelop Lee Tong Street ? I do not agree to redevelop Lee Tong Street because of the following reasons . From the economic point of view , redevelop Lee Tong Street cause serious economic losses to the shop owners and the residents . First , after the redevelopment , the property prices will be increased . It will threaten the survival of the existing small shop owners . They concern about whether they will receive enough compensation to cover their losses . Some may not be able to afford the high rent and will be forced to close down .
Second , the residents worry if they will receive enough compensation to purchase a flat of a similar size and whether their living conditions will be improved . Also , the tenants concern about whether they could be relocated in the same area and afford the increased rent in the future . Those stakeholders need to face a serious economic losses in the redevelopment of Lee Tung Street . From the social point of view , redevelopment of Lee Tung Street will bring a radical change for the local residents . First , after the redevelopment , Lee Tung Street will have many high-rise buildings .
Because of the densely-packed high-rise buildings , the density will be increased . And the air pollution also will become more serious . Second , Lee Tung Street was originally a public space where residents could hang around and interact with each other freely . Communities could then be established . However , after these streets are redeveloped into shopping malls which belong to developers and are privately owned , people will no longer be entitled to the right to interact freely in these private areas .

This hinders the formation of communities . The redevelopment bring many inconvenient to the society and the residents . P. 1 From the cultural point of view , redevelop Lee Tung Street will destroy the local cultural , Chinese traditional crafts and the traditional architectural . First , residents along Lee Tung Street made use of the buildings to establish a local printing industry . They used the front part of the building as their shops , while the back was used as the printing workshops .
A cluster of wedding card printing shops soon sprang up and turned Lee Tung Street into a well-known print merchandising hub which is part of the collective memory of Hong Kong people . The local cultural will gradually vanish along with the redevelopment . Different traditional shops and food stalls will be replaced with monotonous chain stores and shops , undermining cultural diversity . Next , although the old buildings on Lee Tung Street are not of special historical value , very few of those buildings in the architectural style of the 50s and 60s are left .
Destroy a cultural is easy , but establish a cultural is not a easy job . Redevelopment Lee Tung Street will destroy Hong Kong local cultural . Some people might assert that after the redevelopment of Lee Tung Street , it can has a better use of land for others sustainable development . And the better facilities can solve the poor hygiene and the pollution problems . However , after the redevelopment , the buildings will changed from mainly six-storey Chinese-styled tenement buildings to high-rise buildings . The residents will more and more .
Then , the density of Lee Tung Street will much increased . Also , the redevelopment project include building new shopping malls . That means Lee Tung Street will become a tourist spot like Causeway Bay . As we all know , Causeway Bay ‘s air pollution problem is the most serious in Hong Kong . Are we going to forgo our environmental problem? Redevelop Lee Tung Street not only affect the local residents , but also all the Hong Kong people . The losses for redevelopment project are more than the benefits . Therefore , it is a wrong decision to redevelop Lee Tung Street . ( End )

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Do You Agree to Redevelop a City
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