Submit your final business presentation. It should contain the following components:

A business letter sharing your findings and requesting a follow-up meeting with stakeholders at the company in the given scenario, New Hampshire Business Products
A spreadsheet that allows you to organize and manipulate the given sales data with basic calculation functions
A slide presentation that helps you communicate your findings to your team at Business Consultants

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Your submission should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the critical elements of the final project. It should reflect the incorporation of feedback gained throughout the course. This should include feedback you received from your instructor on Milestones One and Two, and feedback you received from your peers on your presentation in Module Six. 

Instructor Feedback
IT 100 Milestone Two Rubric feedback: Fantastic job! You went above and beyond in formatting to make this professional and engaging to your reader. All parts of the assignment were met and it is clear that you are comfortable utilizing various features in Excel. Way to go!!!
Spreadsheet: Projected Sales: Great job! I like how you implemented your projected sales with the current sales chart
Spreadsheet: Font and Size: eye catching but easy to read font. I like how you used font size to differentiate between chart title and chart content
Spreadsheet: Format: Great use of color! I appreciate the added touch of the same color that your table row was for a sales item (such as office equipment) you used that same color on your bar and line graphs. Great job!
Spreadsheet: Labels: You labels make clear to the reader what is being measured
Spreadsheet: Formulas: Excellent formula decision to calculate projected sales
Spreadsheet: Current Year: Great easy to read charts! I like the added touch of your 3-D bar chart format


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