If you were going on your first overseas business assignment, what would you do to ensure that you were prepared to deal with the ethical dilemmas you would likely face?
Your firm is expanding globally and is sending executives overseas for the first time. What will you do to be sure these individuals are prepared to deal with the ethical dilemmas they will face?
Imagine that someone from another culture asked you to provide information about business ethics when dealing with American managers. What would you say?
Talk with someone from another culture. Ask for information that would be helpful to you if you had to do business in their culture. What did you learn that you didn’t know before? How might you behave differently because of what you know?
Imagine yourself in a situation where you had to bribe someone or lose the deal. How would you think about it? What do you think you would do? Why? What factors might influence your decision? What would you hope for from your employer in terms of support?

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