Discussion Reply

Reply to a classmate’s post with a 200-250 word response containing the following information:

Reply to your classmate’s analysis of the visual.
Address specific points regarding your classmate’s content related to the OWL video and textbook comparisons of the models of argument.
Use the principles of argument either to rebut or to support your classmate’s ideas.
Statements such as, “I like what you said” or “I disagree with your comment,” do not count as replies. You must explain why you liked or disliked the thread by adding additional thoughts or ideas if you agreed with the author or by providing alternative ideas or thoughts when you disagree.
Keep in mind that, regardless of whether you agree or disagree with your classmates’ opinions, you must be respectful and courteous in every interaction. For more on proper discussion, consult the netiquette policy found in the Student Expectations link of this course. 
Review the Discussion Board Forum Grading Rubric before submitting.

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Discussion Reply
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