Discussion Questions

Instructions. Please answer each question on a separate page and also cite all references in APA. Place a separate reference page for each question answered. Please make all work is original. All sources need to be cited. I can’t afford to get my paper flagged for academic violations. Use 2-4 References for each question. Please use academic and peer-reviewed research articles and also make sure each question is answered in at least one full page of content. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ANSWER WACH QUESTION ON A SEPARATE PAGE. BE SURE RO USE DIFFERENT REFERENCES FOR WACH QUESTION AND PUT THEM ON SEPARATE PAGES. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS ARE BELOW:DISCUSSION#3Select ONE aspect of solid state drives that can create challenges during examination. Explain your selection in detail by describing the technical features of this aspect and the potential challenges caused by it. DISCUSSION#4Research one anti-forensic method, and provide a detailed description of your selected method. Explain in detail how and where a given operating system is impacted by this method. (Try not to post the same method as another student.) DISCUSSION#5Select one Windows Registry key and provided a detailed description of its properties and functions. (Try not to post the same key as another student.) What specific artifacts may be discovered through your selected Registry key? DISCUSSION#6Select ONE location tracking artifact from a Windows system and a similar location tracking artifact from a Mac system. Describe both artifacts in detail by providing a description of how each is generated, and where it can be found on the operating system.DISCUSSION#7Select ONE aspect of mobile operating systems to compare between Android and iOS systems with a focus on the file system. Provide a brief comparison of this single aspect of both operating systems and why you believe it is important for examiners to understand this aspect. DISCUSSION#8 Select and briefly describe one challenge presented by searching for cloud computing evidence on a computer or mobile device operating system. Provide possible solutions for this challenge. Try not to post the same challenge as another student.

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