Discussion Question Responses DUE TONIGHT! by12A.M.

Please respond to these post with one source with At least  4 sentences 


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Discussion Question Responses DUE TONIGHT! by12A.M.
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In two sentences, explain the concept of affirmative action as discussed in the course materials. Does this definition differ from your prior beliefs about the nature of affirmative action? If so, how?


Olivia Frank 
4 posts
Re:Topic 4 DQ 1

Hello Everyone! Functionalist theory and conflict theory differ for several reasons. One of the main reasons are that functionalist theory focuses on different parts that work together and help assist eaach other. Conflict theory focuses on the elite and how their power control eveything. For instance, conflict theory in race-related issues would suggest that the inequality that certain races receive is a reason why their is a higher incarceration rate in lower socioecononmic areas. The conflict is that these individuals are not a part of the elite. Functionalism would suggest that parts of society are equally distributed and certain things happen to unfortunate indviduals. Have a great week everyone


Keionta White 
3 posts
Re:Topic 4 DQ 2

Institutionalized racism is when a social institution, such as the government, schools or law enforcement, treats a group of people in a negative manner because of their race. Individual racism is when a person personally doesnt like someone because of their race and they act on it. Institutionalized racism leads to social inequality while individual racism leads to acts of hate and the beliefs of stereotypes and generalizations. Institutionalized racism is tricky because even though many social institutions can’t discriminate doesn’t mean they don’t. Individual racism isn’t illegal unless a person is acting on their beliefs, for example, hate crimes or harassment . I’ve witnessed and have been a victim of racism and even though it is unfortunate, we live in a society where we are entitled to our own opinions beliefes and values. Institutionalized racism is the worst form of racism, in my opinion, because it prevents people that are being discriminated agianst to progress and have the same opportunites as others. 


Michelle Serrano 
2 posts
Re:Topic 4 DQ 2

Behavioral norms along with stereotyped thoughts are a simple way of defining institutional racism. It is subtler and goes unnoticed. It can happen within our government, large corporations, or in politics. When defining interpersonal racism it can come from within one’s own social class, race, or their own ethnic race. Some people are put into categories or groups to define themselves. These two forms of racism are different as one is disregarded and seen as those in “categories”. And interpersonal racism effects people, families, work groups, or even social groups. Many things still happen within our society that are illegal. If it we so easy to stop crime, there would be no more murders, thefts, robbery, etc. The powerful know how to not only manipulate the system (fake news for example) and they know how to duck and hide when they do get caught so they can cover themselves


https://lcugrad3.gcu.edu/learningPlatform/externalLinks/externalLinks.html?operation=redirectToExternalLink&externalLink=http%3A%2F%2Faclu.procon.org%2Fview.answers.php%3FquestionID%3D00069 7.  



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