Discussion Board

 Module 2 Discussion Separation of Powers: Checks and Balances
Vanessa P Martinez,
Directions:First Post: Sept 4th  (Extended to Sept 6th due to access interruption)
Discussion Closes: Sept. 11th
1. Watch: How Should We Interpret the Constitution?
2. Read:  Checks and Balances-Internal Constraints on Government Power.pdf  
3. Post: Your response to the questions listed below. Respond to at least two classmates with substantive responses. Points deducted for failure to include citations (MLA style) in your responses. 
Title: How Should We Interpret the Constitution?
Date: Aug 11, 1987
Duration: 00:04:48
Some have suggested that having a closer working relationship between the branches of government would end “gridlock” and lead to a more efficient government. Others have argued that the separation of powers was specifically created to “slow down” the pace of government to ensure cool deliberation and not emotional reactions. What is your opinion? In what ways do you think that the “checks and balances” can be improved to generate a vibrant U.S. economy with fair labor practices?

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Discussion Board
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