Discussion board responses must be in essay format

Consider how different your life would be on the off chance that you (a) were the other gender (in this case a female), (b) were an alternate ethnicity, (c) had an alternate sexual orientation, and (d) had an incapacity/disability (in the event that you are physically fit) or were healthy (in the event that you have an inability). You can consider any sort of roles and experiences, for example, romantic, academic, work-related.Women’s Psychology – The minimum word requirement is 1500. The word count does not include introductions, salutations, headings, long quotes, references, lists, in-text citations, or footnotes. Your discussion board responses must be in essay format. Essential elements of an essay are introductory, body and conclusive paragraphs. All researched material must be documented using APA style formatting. Wikipedia may not be used as a resource.

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