Discussion Board Philosophy

1.) Answer the questions in one of the Ethical Dilemmas at the end of one of the chapters, 7 or 8. In your answers, you need to reference virtue ethics and/or ethics of care and show your understanding. Explain how the theories relate to the cases and discuss whether they match with your own morality.
This is the question below.
Suppose your best friend is in the hospital battling a serious illness and would deeply appreciate a visit from you. But you are also on spring break and, after a very stressful semester, need to forget about all your commitments and just relax. What might the ethics of care have you do? What is a utilitarian likely to do?
2.) Considering your own personal life and your interactions with people around you, discuss how the virtues or the ethics of care would be relevant to the decisions you make to guide how you behave towards those people.
At least 400 words.
Need to be done at 6:00pm EST. 4 hours.
Serious inquires.

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Discussion Board Philosophy
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