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For this discussion, carefully read sources 33 through 38 in Chapter 6 of Voices of Freedom (starting on page 106). Very quickly the language and the ideals of the American Revolution spread beyond the political issue of independence from Great Britain. How do the authors of these texts use the language of the Revolution to expand the meaning of American liberty? In your answer be sure to discuss at least two examples of this process.
In your response you should use evidence from the primary sources to prove your point. Typically this requires a three-step process of making your assertions about the issue, giving the reader evidence that proves your point (usually by providing a brief quotation from the text), and then fully explaining to the reader why the evidence proves your point. When you do provide information from the reader, be sure to provide citation. A simple parenthetical with the editor’s name and the page number (Foner, 30) will suffice since we are all reading the same few sources each week.
Responses should run between 200 and 400 words. 
For full credit, be sure to provide a substantive response of at least 100 words to someone else’s post after you have posted your response. In these responses you want to fully explain why you agree or disagree with what the person has said. 
A grading rubric for these discussions is available in the content section of this Blackboard site.

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