Discussion Airspace

 Post your response to ONE of the following: APA style, references, one page 

Scenario 1
The Department of Defense (DOD) wishes to dedicate a large block of airspace over North Dakota to the exclusive use of military unmanned aircraft systems.

Can the DOD simply declare that airspace off limits to civil aircraft?
If not, how must the DOD proceed if it wishes to accomplish that objective?
Will interested persons and organizations, such as the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, have an opportunity to express their opinions about the proposed change? If so, how?

Scenario 2
For a nation or union of nations other than the U.S.:

Identify the government authority or authorities responsible for regulating the national airspace and controlling air traffic.
Compare and contrast the categories of airspace with those of the U.S. described in the text.
Compare and contrast procedures in use for changing airspace categorizations with those of the U.S. Administrative Procedure Act.
If any proposed changes to your answers to the first 2 bullets above are now under consideration, describe them and evaluate the pros and cons of each
Provide hyperlinks to references relied on.

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