Impact of Tennessee v. Garner (1985) focus on the Supreme Court ruling and the aftermath of  Tennessee v. Garner (1985. Scholars have arguged that this one case has had more influence over the criminal justice system than any other. Use the case and the Tennenbaum (1994) article attached for information pertaining to the ramifications of the Court’s decision. Discussion Questions:1. In your discussion, summarize briefly the facts that the responding officer Hymon, considered in his decision to use deadly force against Garner. 2. Explain whether or not you believe the officer made a reasonable decision, taking into account the situational factors (what was happening during the time of the incident and the Tennessee statue that permitted deadly force). 3. Do you believe the Supreme Court put too much emphasis on protecting a fleeing suspect?  4. Describe several of the implications of the Court’s ruling for police and the daily patrol operations 
Submission Guidelines
1. Please make your initial post substantive 200 words in length 

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