Consequences of Incorrect Information
People make mistakes; we are human, after all! However, workplace errors may have far-reaching consequences that affect the company, customers, or others. These errors may have simply been a missing comma in a legal document, a missing or misplaced semicolon in code, or a misspelling. 
Do an online search for an example of a specific instance where a writing error caused problems. For easy access here in the discussion, look for Web sources instead of library articles or books.
For the initial post, provide the following:

In your first paragraph, provide a summary of the incident. Citation is not required.
In a second short paragraph, provide your reaction. This could be an explanation of what you think could have been done to avoid the problem in the first place, how you would have handled people in this situation if you were the manager or company owner, or how what rules you might put in place to prevent the problem from occurring again.
Provide the full URL of the source/webpage you found (use only one source). 

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Discussion parameters:

Write your initial post in your own words; do not quote or copy from sources.
Do not copy the questions into your post.
Write an original descriptive subject line for your initial post.
Write with formal, professional language.
Work to meet all posting guidelines and expectations.


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