Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) long established operations currently used across the globe but not problem free operations. CPTED is a preferred model to provide background information relative to the integration of CPTED as conduit to enhance the creation of viable community growth, collaborative partnerships, reduction of risk management, complication, diversity and irrelevance concepts.  To create effective CPTED policies aimed at reducing private violence against vulnerable innocent citizens and the community, attempt must be executed to outline the obvious limitations, creating interconnected community is an important component,   Community members who reside in public housing estates often belong to all-male, patriarchal peer groups that include offenders, as well as those who encourage physical and sexual assaults on women who challenge male authority
1.  Provide comprehensive narrative to confirm how successful implementation of CPTED can play a key role in reducing isolated violence against vulnerable innocent citizens and most rural community.  
Fennelly, Lawrence J. (2017). Effective Physical Security: “Introduction to
Vulnerability Assessment”. (pp. 23-53). Cambridge: MA

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