Discuss the upsides and the downsides of the pattern of the five dimensions

Individual Assignment 2Take the Big 5 Personality Inventory on p. 387 in our book. Use my results below to write a 400- to 600word summary of my personality, as described by the Big 5 Inventory. Discuss the upsides and thedownsides of the pattern of the five dimensions or traits of my personality. We know that three of theBig 5—conscientiousness, openness, and extroversion—are closely associated with leadershipeffectiveness. How do my scores reflect my readiness to become a leader? Include a reflection abouthow my personality shapes my behavior toward work, school, and teamwork.p.387: Exercise 15–3 The Big Five Personality Test(MY RESULTS :)How true is each of the following characteristics in describing you? Use the five-point scale below:1 = Not at all true of me; I am almost never this way.2 = Mostly not true of me; I am rarely this way.3 = neither true nor untrue of me; I can’t decide.4 = Mostly true of me; I am often this way.5 = Almost always true of me; I am usually this way.1. Imaginative 42._Careful 53._Sociable 44._Softhearted 35._Anxious 46._Creative 27._Reliable 58._Talkative 39._Trusting 510._Temperamental 211._Original 212._Hardworking 513._Fun-loving 514._Generous 515._Self-conscious 516._Curious 417._Well-organized 418._Outgoing 419._Good-natured 420._Worrying 521._Independent 522._Persevering 523._Active 424._Courteous 425._Emotional 426._Adventurous 327._Dependable 528._People-oriented 429._Considerate 430._Nervous 431._Variety-loving 332._Responsible 433._Gregarious 334._Kind 435._Highly strung 4Scoring:To compute your score, copy your answers below. Then total the column for each scale. There is amaximum of 35 points for each scale.Scale O Scale C Scale E Scale A Scale N1. O: Openness to Experience (curious versus consistent). People with high scores are described asadventurous, daring, imaginative, and variety-loving.Scale C: Conscientiousness (organized versus careless). People with high scores are described as wellorganized, scrupulous, responsible, and reliable.Scale E: Extroversion (social versus reserved). People with high scores are described as outgoing,sociable, friendly, and people-oriented.Scale A: Agreeableness (compassionate versus contentious). People with high scores are described asgood-natured, considerate, cooperative, and kind.Scale N: Neuroticism (nervous versus calm). People with high scores are described as anxious, emotional,temperamental, and highly strung.

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