Discuss the major assumptions and various types of constructivism

1- Discuss the major assumptions and various types of constructivism.2- summarize the major processes in Piaget’s theory that are involved in learning and some implications for instruction.3- according to constructivism , explain the function of private speech for learning and self-regulation.4- explain the key principles of vygotsky’s sociocultural theory and implications for teaching in the zone of proximal development.5- according to consrtuctivism , discuss how classroom structure and target variable effect student motivation.6- according to constructivism, describe how teacher expectations are formed and how they can effect teachers’ interactions with students.7- according to construtivism,describe how discovery learning, inquiry teaching ,peer-assisted learning, discussions and debates can be structured to reflect constctivist principle.8- according to constructivism, explain how teacher can become more reflectiveand thereby anhance student achivement.9- list the key features of constructivist learning environments and the major components Of APA learner-centered principle.10- compare and constrast piaget’s and vygotsky’s theories, simlliraty and difference.

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