Discovery and Monitoring

After accessing the virtual environment, download and install Nmap and then Open-AduIT. You must install NMap prior to Open-AudIT. Also, you should install Open-AudIT as administrator.Submit a report (written and/or screencast) that describes your experience using Open-AudIT. Be sure to include a how-to for creating a discovery and also an overview of the information that you were able to discover using the tool. Open Audit is a auditing tool for a network. Explain how to use the discovery function in the open audit application? What does the application allow you to see and discover, or configure. What scans does open audit so, and what devices will you see? You can use open sources. resources. I will attach a website or video for the Open Audit application to explain. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO BE AS ORIGINAL AS POSSIBLE. PLEASE CITE ALL TEXT PROPERLY. I CANT AFFORD ANOTHER ACADEMIC VIOLATION.

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