Disaster Recovery

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 Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
Discussion Topic
You have been asked to prepare a short background paper for Sifers-Grayson IT personnel about the importance of being prepared to respond to business disruptions arising from (a) natural disasters and (b) cyber attacks. Such disruptions can adversely impact the availability of IT services and, in turn, prevent the business from conducting operations over an extended period of time. The client has requested that you focus upon the business reasons behind the need for formal disaster recovery procedures and business continuity plans. Your deliverable should be written as a background paper containing at least 7 strong paragraphs.
You will need to do additional reading and research before you prepare your paper. The FEMA website https://www.ready.gov is a good place to start.
Provide in-text citations and references for 3 or more authoritative sources. Put the reference list at the end of your posting.


Read Chapter 1: Introduction to Security in The InfoSec HandbookLinkI’m Done
Read pp. 56-60 (Implementation of Information Security & Principles of Information Security) in The InfoSec Handbook
Read Chapter 5 Information Systems Management (pp 77-78, 87-110) in The InfoSec Handbook
Business Continuity Plan (READY.GOV)
Sifers-Grayson Overview Presentation Slides v2PDF document 

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