Different aspects of international business management topics

Assignments:1. Read and study the required textbooks and come to classroom sessions ready to discussdifferent aspects of international business management topics.2. Observe and analyze Turkish management practices in different industrial settings.3. Interview and interact with Turkish/Expatriate managers of Turkish and foreign firmsdoing business in Turkey.4. Write four, two-page reflection papers.Graduate (C566) Assignment(This is a team assignment)At the beginning of the course, teams of four or five students each will be formed. Each teamcomprising graduate students will be required to write a research paper of up to 20-25 pages.The research paper will consist of two parts: in the first paper each team will research Turkey’smacro business environment: the cultural-social, political-legal, economic environments,government fiscal and monetary policies, and the foreign direct investment environment inTurkey. Each team will then select a specific industry in Turkey on which the research findingswill be applied, and thus determining whether that selected industry is investment worthy.Teams will carry out a major part of the data collection for the research paper during the trip.(More details are given in the last two pages of the syllabus.) They will finalize the paper whenthey return and are required to submit their paper before the end of the semester.Undergraduate (D496) Assignment(This is an individual assignment)Write a four-page, double-spaced, research paper on one of the following topics. The researchpaper should have at least four non-web based scholarly references (the first listed book abovecan be one of the references). You may include as many web-based reference works as youdeem necessary. You should also include at least one topical interview with a Turkish person.Whichever topic you choose for your research paper, it is essential that you analyze theimplications the topic has for doing business in Turkey. Here are the topics:a. Turkish Accession into the EU. Turkey has been trying to become a member ofthe EU (EC, European Common Market, etc.) since the 1960’s. Only recently hasthe EU opened accession negotiations with Turkey and there is no guarantee thatTurkey would be admitted as a full member of the EU any time soon. (Read: Hill,“Islamic Capitalism in Turkey,” p. 115.) In contrast, countries like Bulgaria,Romania, and Cyprus were a virtual shoe-in when they applied soon after thecollapse of communism in Eastern Europe. What does the EU have againstTurkish membership and what implications that does the issue have for doingbusiness in Turkey?b. The New Turkish Policy of Turning Back to the East. Perhaps because offrustrations at the slow pace of EU accession, for the last five or so years, Turkeyhas started an extensive and highly successful campaign of engaging and doingbusiness with the Middle East and the Muslim World. Assess this policy and itsimplications for doing business in Turkey.

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