devry NR351 week 6 Professional Paper latest 2015 winters

a. Times New Roman size 12 typeface (font) double spaced with 1-inch marginsb. No abstractc. Correct APA formatd. Correct spelling, apostrophe use, grammar, paragraphing, and sentence structuree. Contents must include Title Page, body of the paper (500–600 words including Introduction, two Main Points from your Professional Paper Worksheet outline, and Conclusion), and References page.f. Two Main Points and Conclusion should be Level 1 headings.g. References should only include your Hood textbook and the article you selected in your Professional Paper Worksheet that was approved by your instructor.h. Contents of the paper must include any revisions suggested by your instructor in Professional Paper Worksheet feedback.2. When yourassignment iscomplete, save and close yourProfessional Paper.Enterthecourseand submit thedocument asan attachment totheWeek 6Dropbox.See theWeek6 Assignments pageforstep-by-step instructionsonhowto usetheDropbox.DIRECTIONSANDGRADINGCRITERIACategoryPoints%Description: See Rubric for details.Content Introduction2512.5%Clearly introduce and define the topic, as well as describe its importance to professional nursing.First Main Point5025%Clearly address the First Main Point including 2 or more sub-points from Professional Paper Worksheet.Second Main Point5025%Clearly address the Second Main Point including 2 or more sub-points from Professional Paper Worksheet.Conclusion2512.5%Clearly summarize the paper and make a concluding statement.APA Format Title Page21%Title page adheres to the format of the APA Paper Template assigned. Margins, font, spacing, headings42%Margins, font, spacing, and headings adhere to APA format. Citations94.5% Provide APA format citations for each idea (and or words) not originally your own. References105%References page adheres to APA format for Hood textbook and scholarly professional nursing journal article approved in Professional Paper Worksheet.Professional WritingOrganization, clarity, structure, paragraphing157.5%Writing is organized and clear using appropriate structure and paragraphing.Spelling and apostrophe use, grammar, professional wording105%Writing adheres to American English rules of spelling, apostrophe use, and grammar. Wording is professional.1. Select one article from your above search to use for this assignment. Read the article.2. Create a reference in APA format for the article you selected.3. Select a 10–25-word quotation from that article that you plan to use in yourProfessional Paper. Do not select words or ideas that the author(s) attribute to another source. Provide the quotation and citation in correct APA format.4. Select an important passage from thearticleto paraphrase in your Professional Paper. State the location (e.g., 5th paragraph on page 829) of that passage. Provide your paraphrased wording and citation in correct APA format.5. Prepare a detailed outline for your Professional Paper as indicated on the Template (topics only, not complete sentences). NOTE: Professional Paper will be 500–600 words of content.6. Double check your answers with the rubric prior to submission. 7. When yourassignment iscomplete, save and close theProfessional Paper Worksheet Template.Enterthecourseand submit thedocument asan attachment totheWeek 3Dropbox.See theWeek3 Assignments pageforstep-by-stepinstructionsonhowto usethe Dropbox.

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