devry Netw410 week 6 ilab report

NETW410 Week 6 Lab Report

To complete the Week 6 Lab Report,
answer the questions below concerning the Network Design Lab Scenario linked
from Step 2 of the iLab page.
use the template starting on Page 2 and submit it to the Week 6 iLab Dropbox by
the due date.

Have fun while learning.Lab Report

1. Complete this table on
routing protocols. However, many rows are needed for the routing protocol
names. (10 points)
2. Should the individual
buildings be connected to the Administration Building at Layer 2 or Layer 3?
(10 points)3. If the individual
buildings should be connected to the Administration Building at Layer 3, which
routing protocol or protocols should be used? (10 points)4.
Apply the concept of Cisco Enterprise Architecture to the new network design.
Which of the six major functional areas apply to this network? Draw a diagram
similar to the figure in the textbook in Chapter 3 that illustrates the use of
the Cisco Enterprise Architecture for this network. (10 points)5.
Using the diagram created in question 4; indicate which of the routing
protocols could be used at each interconnection point between the functional
areas. (10 points)6.
Considering your answer to question 3, will route redistribution be required?
If it will, using the diagram created in question 4, indicate where the router
redistribution will need to occur. (10 points)
Could STP be used instead of a routing protocol in this campus network? What
would be the implications of doing so? (10 points)

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