devry hsm542 week 3 discussion dq 1& dq 2 latest 2016 may

dq 1Roe v. Wade (graded)What were the key elements of the court’s holding in Roe v. Wade? Should the stage of pregnancy determine a woman’s right to an abortion? What are the rights of fathers? Regardless of your personal opinions and religious beliefs on abortion, try to identify the legal principles and parameters outlined in your readings; we’ll refer to these as we continue our discussion this week.dq 2New Reproductive Technologies (graded)Advances in reproductive technology have brought about new opportunities for prospective parents, but they also pose some significant ethical challenges. Select any one of these new reproductive technologies to discuss. Do you feel that this approach is an appropriate and ethical way to achieve parenthood? Support your view. What are some potential pitfalls of your selected technology, and how might these be avoided?

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