Devry HIS405 week 6 quiz

Question 1.1. (TCO 10) Which group discouraged immigrants from joining American culture? (Points : 2) Settlement houses Americanization programs Fraternal organizations Nativist groupsQuestion 2.2. (TCO 2) The major benefit of building skyscrapers was (Points : 2) supporting the steel industry. using limited land efficiently. creating a distinctive skyline. adding artistic buildings to the city.Question 3.3. (TCO 6) One justification for the new social and economic order of the North was based on (Points : 2) Marxism. Social Darwinism. Utilitarian doctrine. None of the aboveQuestion 4.4. (TCO 10) Which reformer led the effort to provide birth control for women? (Points : 2) Jane Addams Margaret Sanger Walter Rauschenbusch Francis Ellen WatkinsQuestion 5.5. (TCO 6) What were some of the most serious problems faced by U.S. volunteer soldiers during the Spanish-American War? (Points : 2) The trip to Cuba was long and dangerous. Inadequate medical care They could not communicate with their families at home. They did not speak Spanish and did not know their way around Cuba.Question 6.6. (TCO 7) What nation informed American authorities about the Zimmermann note? (Points : 2) Germany Great Britain Mexico RussiaQuestion 7.7. (TCO 7) What was the name of the agreement that ended World War I? (Points : 2) The Fourteen Points The League of Nations The Treaty of Versailles The Paris Peace ConferenceQuestion 8.8. (TCO 11) This trial became a symbol of the conflict within Protestantism between modernists and fundamentalists. (Points : 2) Scopes Monkey Trial Sacco and Vanzetti Trial Fatty Arbuckle Trial None of the aboveQuestion 9.9. (TCO 11) Prohibition was enforced by (Points : 2) the Volstead Act. the Kellogg-Briand Act. the National Industrial Recovery Act. None of the aboveQuestion 10.10. (TCO 11) Stock speculation became common because (Points : 2) many banks had closed. stock prices kept going up. credit became more difficult to get. investors lost confidence in the market.Question 11. 11. (TCOs 6 and 7) Identify and explain at least two causes of World War II. Then analyze America’s foreign policy before the war, and describe how that policy changed as the war progressed. Be sure to include a discussion of how the Battle of Britain influenced American opinion. Make sure you use enough details to support your answer. (Points : 20) Spellchecker

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