Desiderata: Essential Facts of Life

Rashaunta Hunter Mrs. Cannon English IV- 1B 27 August 2009 “Essential Facts of Life” Written in the 20th century, “Desiderata” gives many different ways to live a positive life. The message of this poem explains’ how to get through many circumstances. The poem tells you how to become a better person. Once you read this poem, you will learn how to treat others. There are essential facts in this poem that helps you have a more joyful life. Avoiding loud and aggressive persons, comparing yourself with others, and being at peace with God, are statements from the poem “Desiderata” to encourage you to live a peaceful life.
People shouldn’t associate themselves with negativity. If people desire to have more calm and peaceful lives, they should “avoid loud and aggressive persons they are vexations to the spirit. ” I used to associate myself with people who were very loud and aggressive. Eventually I started acting just like them. Once I started hanging out them, I would always be distracted and wouldn’t be focused on the things I really needed to be focused on. I would find myself being frustrated with every little thing and person.
My grades were falling and I would always get suspended. When I decided to separate myself from all the negative people, I was more calm and relaxed. I was no longer frustrated. My grades rose back up. I even gained my respect back from my teachers. It is important to appreciate life. People shouldn’t always try to be better than others because “If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter. ” Trying to compete with others will just make life more difficult.

It’s possible to gain enemies by always comparing one’s self to another. When I was singing in the Gospel Company, I was a lead singer. There was a girl in my class who would always try to compete with my for a solo that was already given to me. She would compare her voice to mine. She would snap because I would always be recognized for a performance. She had a very talented voice. She ended up being very rude and bitter towards the class. I tried to talk to her but she would always brush me off.
The class separated from her because she became vain and bitter. No matter what people imagine God to be, they shouldn’t have malice in their heart for God. Everyone faces obstacles in life, “Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive him to be”. When I first my ACL, I was really hurt emotionally. My first doctor told me I couldn’t play basketball anymore. I wasn’t at peace with God because I felt as though he should have stopped this from happening to me. I gave up on all faith, hope, and belief.
Coach Williams kept telling me that I shouldn’t blame God. She told me to keep praying. Coach sent me to another doctor. I had an ACL reconstruction. The doctor said I would be playing in six months. Once I found peace with God, everything began to come together for me. I wasn’t stressed or worried. Separating yourself from distractions and frustrations, coming together with each other instead of competing, and being at peace with God are essential facts from the poem “Desiderata” to give you a better look at life.
People shouldn’t let others steal their joy. Everyone should enjoy life and everything it may bring. If everyone would just live, laugh, and love more, they would find themselves being happier. The world would be a more peaceful place if everyone lived by the essential facts of life. To find peace I one’s self, one must have peace with God. Always have faith and believe. The people of this world should come together as one no matter what race, religion, or ethnicity they are.

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Desiderata: Essential Facts of Life
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