Describe your unique selling proposition (USP). Next, explain the key aspects of

Write a four to six (4-6) paragraph journal entry in which you:• Describe your unique selling proposition (USP). Next, explain the key aspects of your business, products, or services that make them unique when compared to your competition (e.g., Southwest Airlines’ USP is providing customers with low airfare without compromising service and comfort).• Describe the marketing objectives of your company. Your marketing objectives should, at a minimum, address potential customer profile and market segmentation. Explain the manner in which you conducted your secondary market research.for the project I chose homeless shelter and couldn’t find any real guides for this assignment.this is what I have so farKnowing where we are headed is a big part of figuring out how to make our project successful. We plan on six major components to market our home:1. Request to be added on shelter for Veterans hotline2. Radio Station (Clear Channel Radio) free 3. Our website (which we are working on)4. Request to be listed on the website for Veterans5. Networking with Social Services ( in the area)6. Networking with Channel 6 and 12 downtown.We want to make sure that we inform the community that we are out here and we support our Veterans. As a part of our program rules for community service we will provide shirts for our residents and our volunteers with our logo and website information.• We will be mainly spending our budget on social events. Such as charity Dinners and signage, because marketing on Radio and Television is free for non profit. • I will do a spot with community sections on various radio stations and do a segment on various news channels to get our name our name out there. • I will make sure homeless help , LLC is relate able and touch the hearts of many I will have ads that are in Spanish and in English. I do not want to intimidate anyone there fore it will be important that I use terminology that everyone can understand.a. demographic profile: My shelter will be an all male shelter (we will expand our efforts in the future and add a women’s only shelter and a family shelter. b. psychographic profile : Veteran Males who are homeless. They may also have issues with the following: drugs/alcohol, anger, stress, education, jobless, etc.c. Transitional Home/Homeless Shelterd. geographic location : LA References: Reference for Business. (n.d.). Retrieved August 26, 2014.THE SALVATION ARMY. (n.d.). Retrieved August 26, 2014.Additional Requirements Min Pages: 1 Max Pages: 2

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