Deepest Fear

My deepest fear is fear within itself. In life there is no failure but only feedback. Being presented with different obstacles and making sufficient decisions in my life’s path, has made me who i am today. As a child, my family always taught me that I must perform to the best of my abilities as a person in order to succeed in whatever I pursue in life. As a child growing up in Clinton Public School Districts wasn’t such a walk in the park because success was the only option and the key to your future.
It took me a while to understand everything I was brought up against as a student there but it made me learn a great deal about the diversity of cultures and how others may perceive the world differently than I would. It made me understand the concept when it came to things I can manage, with others that I cannot. Being a student at Clinton High made me realize that I could do anything to my fullest potential if I put forth effort.
I had also overcame the feeling of being unloved, abused and mistreated by someone I thought cared tremendously about me. I received many awards and recognitions throughout my school years such as hardworking, dedication, good Spirit, track Awards and many more. I participated in the choir, track, basketball, the Spanish club, pure guidance club, FCA (fellowship with Christians Association), help serve at the stewpot and many more.

On May 25, 2012 not only did I overcome my fear of failure and doubt but I proved everyone one whoever went up against me wrong. This was the day that I rejoiced because I graduated from Clinton High School with a clean record, no baby and an acceptance letter to one of the top African American Schools in the state of Mississippi, Jackson State University.
I believe majoring in Computer Science will be a great experience because I love computers and technology is my greatest strength. It will better me when it comes to dealing with things hands-on and challenge my thinking process even more. I believe also, that majoring in Computer Science will also build me up as a person because setbacks in one’s life better prepare one for the greater challenges that will lie ahead.

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