Current World petroleum market: problems and solutions

I need two research paper for these two topic (Cosumnes river college MLA format)1. Current World petroleum market: problems and solutions.2. The current housing market boom.Requirements:1. About five pages including title page. 2. Must have at least five references of articles, reports, or books.3. Due: on or before the final examination.4. Must be typewritten (double-spaced).5.(Cosumnes river college MLA format)Suggested Outline1. Introduction – What are the problems that you discuss in the paper?2. Body-Discuss the problems in more detail. If there are relevant hypothesis, theory, facts, or views, you need to present them in this section. What are the causes of the problems – supply, demand, or both? What are the impacts on the economy, consumers, and producers? What are the solutions that were proposed? Propose your own solutions if you have any. Support you discussion with statistics.3. Conclusion-Summarize the key results that you presented in the body of the paper above.4. End notes if any.5. References

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