Respond to each in at least 2 – 3 paragraphs

1. Why are organizations concerned with the integration of diverse systems? How do B2B integration, Enterprise Application Integration and Application to Application integration fit into the scheme of business systems integration? What are the financial considerations related to business systems integration?

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2. What are business processes? Why is it important to understand business processes for effective systems integration? What are some examples of business processes and how would systems be integrated to address these processes? Why is it necessary for any systems integration project to have realistic cost data? What types of costs need to be considered? Is it possible to accurately forecast systems costs?

3. What are the most crucial components of project implementation—hardware and software components or people and organizational components? Why?

4. Why is it crucial to perform systems project evaluation and review? When should this be accomplished? What should be the elements of this review? Who should perform the review?


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