CSC 250 Systems Analysis and Design Assignment

Write a 550 word count paper that includes tables, graphs, and/or diagrams, in the document. Your final document must be submitted as an attached MSWord document. Based on the size of your graphs, tables and diagrams, page counts may vary, so use word count as your guide. This recommendation paper will summarize your recommendation to the project team (made up of people from all business areas including technology, finance, administration) based on the economic feasibility and other relevant factors you have analyzed.It is critical that you do the following:a. Include at least two items in total: table(s), graph(s), diagram(s), in the document and clearly explain why this information is important in the recommendation processb. Document and discuss calculations, and why these are relevant to your recommendationc. Describe your assumptions and explain why they are relevant to your analysis and ultimately to the recommendation you have givend. Use the data you gathered, calculated and analyzed to support your recommendatione. CLEARLY write your recommendation – DO NOT just retell the case. DO explicitly describe assumptions and provide the reasoning for why the assumption is appropriate and relevant to your analysis and recommendation.

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