Creative writing story

Create an imaginary short science fiction story based on The Plague during the Black Death in 1350 (the Middle Age). The plot should take place in Florence, Italy, where many people suffered the misfortune of this plague, and the city was covered with the mantle of death. The setting of your story must take place in that era. You will need to research the epoch in order to describe the setting. You need to be accurate and use references to describe the era. For example if you discuss the plague symptoms, cite the reference you used to acquire that information. You will need four 4 for this paper and you will use MLA format in the text and work cited page format. 
• The story needs to be two pages long.
• The plot can be anything you like but it must take place during the era and you must refer to the time period through the story.
• The main characters are two scientists desperately seeking an explanation for this dark event, whose results linked the cause of the disease to a bacterium called Yersinia pestis. Both are very smart, but are baffled by the rapid spread of the disease, and its devastating effects.
• The plot begins with the introduction of the characters, and the context in which the story unfolds, which reaches its climax when the scientists believe they have found the cause of the disease, and decide to conduct an experiment to control it, but being wrong they must face unexpected events

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Creative writing story
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