Could Cold War Have Been Avoided?

Could Cold War have been avoided? No, I strongly believe that the Cold War could not have been avoided because Russia and America were natural enemies of the Soviet Union. The United States and Russia were just too different countries with two completely different leaders who never managed to see eye to eye which may have been the biggest reason the war was unavoidable. The other reason was that they had different ideologies and system of government. Also molotov plans n marshal planb.
Truman and Stalin were two different leaders with two different ambitions and wants for their countries and time as leaders. The other reason for the Cold War being such a dispute was because of Truman’s ignorance and greed. He more often than not went back on what he said and made exceptionally high demands. The United States and the Soviet Union represent two opposing systems of government. In the United States, the government is elected by free elections.
The people can form political parties to voice their political opinions. They also possess the right of assembly, of speech and of the press. In the Soviet Union, the government is formed by the Communist Party. The people do not have the right to form their own political parties. They do not enjoy the right of assembly, of speech and of the press. Since these two systems of government are diametrically opposed to one another, there can be little compromise between the United States and the Soviet Union.

In the end, the Cold War buckles down to three main three reason. Truman and Stalin had different thoughts and ambitions, they had different ideologies and system of government, and . The war could have been avoided is if Truman and Stalin had not gotten into so many arguments. The nuclear resources of the United States and the Soviet Union are larger, better equipped, and deadlier than at any other time in history.
This incisive book contends that the superpowers, while exhibiting enormous ingenuity in the area of arms development, have shown only a minimal interest toward the containment of arms. This is a carefully documented evaluation of how both superpowers, and of their failure to contain the nuclear arms race despite their involvement in the process for over a quarter of a century. Only the superpowers can reduce the proliferation of nuclear arms and in the process lessen likelihood of nuclear war through accident, fault or crisis escalation.

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