Consumer Behavior

Chapter 8 is all about PERCEPTION.  Understanding the perceptions of consumers is critical to the success of any brand.  How we expose the consumer to our products and how we get their attention will directly impact the consumers interpretation.  Sometimes a consumer’s perception is quite different than reality but we must understand these perceptions so we can tailor our communications to portray reality. 
Go to page 314 in your textbook and complete application activity 43.  You must provide the four brand names and explain in detail you’re reasoning for how you feel about each one.  
43.  Find two brand names that you feel are particularly appropriate and two that you feel are not very appropriate. Explain your reasoning for each name”
In Chapter 9, you are introduced to Product Positioning… Once an organization determines/defines its brand position, we as marketers use the marketing mix to achieve this position with our targeted market.
Go to page 358 in your textbook and complete application activity 47.  You must follow the directions on page 358.  In addition to describing an ad or package, you must provide a copy of the ad or package.
47. Select a product that you feel has a good product position and one that has a weak position. Justify your selection. Describe an ad or package for each product and indicate how it affects the product’s positio”

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Consumer Behavior
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