Compare and Contrast

ompaCompare and Contrast Essay In this essay, I will be doing a compare and contrast between the two poems “The Mysterious Naked Man,” and “The Execution. ” Both are written by Alden Nowlan. In the first paragraph I will be writing about two similarities between the two poems. In the second paragraph I will be writing about three differences between the two poems. First off, a similarity between “The Mysterious Naked Man,” and “The Execution,” is that both of the characters remain unnamed and un-described.
Throughout the entire of both poems neither character is given a name or has any physical description about them. This gives both characters a mysterious sense around them. Another similarity would be that both of the characters are apparently criminals. In the “Mysterious Naked Man,” the man is being pursued for over a dozen accounts of indecent exposure. In “The Execution,” it is unknown what the man is on trial for, and even what he is on trial for. All you know is that he is hung.
There are several differences in “The Execution,” and the “Mysterious Naked Man,” the primary of which being that the naked man is naked. Others include the fact that the “Mysterious Naked Man,” seems to be of more modern time as the police are present in the situation. In “The Execution,” it appears to be in a more medieval time seeing as hanging is still allowed. In modern times, lethal injection is now the preferred way of execution. Another difference would be that the man in “The Mysterious Man,” seems to be somewhat crazy as he is running around naked.

Normally people don’t do those kind of things. This contrasts to “The Execution,” because the man seems really frightened and scared, not crazy. A fourth difference would be that the man in “The Execution,” seems really keen on to avoid death as he is yelling for anyone to recognize him and save him from his unwarranted execution. This is contrary to “The Mysterious Naked Man,” because towards the end; “…and wishes he could go to sleep, or die, or take to the air like Superman. This is hinting towards the fact that the naked man doesn’t really care about living or what happens to him. In conclusion, “The Execution,” and the “Mysterious Naked Man,” have many differences and similarities. Both are very unique, but they are also very similar. Both poems have no rhyme scheme or rhythm to them at all making them free verse poems. Despite the differences and similarities, “The Execution,” and “The Mysterious Naked Man,” are both very good poems written by a very good writer.

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