Compare and Contrast Supervision Models

elect two models used in clinical social work supervision and write a 4-5 page (maximum) essay that addresses the following questions:

What are the primary components of each model?
What do the models have in common?
How do the models differ from one another?
What knowledge and skills do you need to know/have to use this model competently?
What does the scholarly literature say about the benefits, risks and effectiveness of each model?

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Compare and Contrast Supervision Models
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Remember that this paper is about clinical supervision in social work. Models refers to types of specific supervisory approaches (eg, relational, reflective, trauma-informed etc.) not the general functions of supervision (administrative, educational, supportive).
You are required to have a minimum of two scholarly references about each model. One of these articles for each model may come from the required reading list for the course. Please use APA style for your essay and references. Use subheadings to organize your essay (do not simply repeat the questions listed above).


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