Community Policing and the Role of the Psychologist

Community Policing and the Role of the Psychologist Review the scenario below and create a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 10-15 slides (not including the cover slide and reference slide), that describes the roles psychologists play in law enforcement.Scenario: You are a police psychologist for a local sheriff’s office that is going to implement a community policing model at the first of the year. The sheriff has asked you to assist in the transition, with both the administrators and officers.Your Assignment must address the following topics:•Explain the development of community policing, and identify the elements in the various models of community policing.•As the police psychologist, explain your role in police selection for the community policing effort, training of those officers, and overall organizational development. How would you interact with the administrators in the new organizational structure of the agency?•Discuss your role interacting with and providing services to the officers, including dealing with new forms of stress that they may experience and the concept of human reliability.

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