Code of Conduct and Policies for Meal and Snack Time

Unit 001 Introduction to Communication in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings. Outcome 1 Reasons why people communicate People communicate because they feel the need to express themselves when they feel the need to chat or discuss or pass on information to an individual person or a group of people. How does effective communication affect all aspects of work? Effective communication affects all aspects of your own work in many ways.
If the correct information is given in the first place then nothing should go wrong as in any misconception of what has been passed on. (If everyone involved is singing from the same song sheet then nothing can go wrong ! ) Also by being effective with your communication means that everyone is working to the same standards of work and hopefully in a consistent manner. Why do you think it is important to observe individual’s reactions when communicating with them?
It is important to observe individual’s reactions when communicating with them because you can identify if they agree or not with you or if they fully understand what the information is actually being verbally passed onto them at that time. You can observe this by their body language and facial expressions. These can both determine if they are showing any positive or negative behavioural and or facial expressions. Positive being – Good eye contact / Nodding of the head/Agreeing to what is being said. Negative being – Poor eye contact or lack of/Frowning/Arms folded crossed. Candidate Jo Davies-Collins

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