Cloud Security Project – Choose ONE topic from attachment and follow the instructions below

1. Your proposal is the justification for the topic you have chosen for your final project presentation. The topic must be related to the class and narrowly focused. The proposal must be 750 words long and contain a reference list of at least 3 sources. The proposal must contain a quote from each of your sources. Use the quote to illustrate a point you are trying to make or to explain something. Quotes must a full sentence, enclosed in quotation marks and cited in-line by reference to your reference list. 
Your project must be unique. No word replacement software. Use paragraphs. Cite your sources.
2. a minimum of 12 slides not including the title and references
3. A five source annotated bibliography. The sources should be high quality academic references (not techopedia or the like). The annotations for each source should include two paragraphs. The first paragraph should summarize the article and the second should be your reflections on it. Each paragraph must contain at least five sentences.
4. One full page single spaced printed summary

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