CJ 3200 MOD 3 DB

“Determine whether the state you reside in (a) requires school lockdown or safety drills in public school (b) mandates active shooter drills or (c) neither. If you have participated in such a drill, either in school or the workplace, discuss your reactions to the experience” (Bartol & Bartol, 2017).
Each discussion post must have at least 1 cited reference. The post should be a minimum of 150 words. This is about 1 paragraph. Make sure you properly cite and format your reference. Each discussion post is worth 7 points x3=21 pts. Four points are given for overall content and quality of all posts.
When having a conversation about a serial offender, one must speak of a multifaceted approach when prevention is the topic. The discussion must cover areas of prevention and awareness of an offender, deterrence, and recidivism. This discussion will focus solely on prevention. Regardless if it a serial sex offender, drug offender, or property offender the analysis will include topics of antisocial behavior, mental illness, and delinquency as juvenile. What can be done to prevent such behavior? Welsh and Farrington (2007) conducted a meta-analysis of studies that included; Individual prevention, Family prevention, and School and Community prevention. Under their analysis of Family Prevention, it was concluded parent management training has the most significant reduction of antisocial/delinquent behavior by 20%. Piquero, Farrington, Welsh, Tremblay, and Jennings (2009) also concluded through their analysis of 55 studies, parent/family management had a significant impact on antisocial behavior. It was suggested this type of early childhood intervention was critical in controlling aggressiveness, opposition, and impulsivity (Piquero et al., 2009).

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