Christian Leadership to Change the World

Christian leadership in my opinion is operating in and by Christ. We must be his hands and his feet with precepts. In order to lead and present change God must be in us and its evident must be known. Matthew 5: 13 -16 clearly proclaims the significance of our existence and Gods requirement of every believer. 2 Timothy 2:15 expresses the need for every believer to be approved by the Lord first and then going forth to preach the word throughout to Gods people. Leadership is the duty of the person who is in charge to take charge with courage and character while risking leading the people where they need to go.
In doing this Christian leaders will need vision, opportunities, and needs. Then you will have to motivate others to get it done by providing resources, using their talents, and having them contribute their time, however we should be pragmatic of timing. As leaders we must understand the value of forgiveness, redemption and restoration and how essential they are to producing change in society or the world. Also identity and integrity are paramount as well in effective Christian leadership.
This will equip us for the non believers who have a desire to come into the kingdom as well as the believers. To be effective Christian leaders we must seriously take our lead from scriptural principles and not from popular trends. We must maintain our focus on what the scripture says in spite of situations and circumstances. 2 Timothy1:7 reads “God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love…”when we fully recognize that God has given us the power and authority to create change it will then allow us to progress and elevate greatly towards change in society.

Furthermore Proverbs 4 and 5 specifies the importance of gaining knowledge and wisdom from the Lord and Proverbs 3: 5 instructs us to trust God in all things so he can direct our path. We must as leaders become selfless and allow the Lord to speak to us so we can get to the people and back in front of society providing the church a forum to determine the direction of society. Christian leadership recognizes that the achievement of the vision is a contribution towards the coming and building of Gods kingdom and understands that where God rules it will then govern the behavior of the world.
As Christian leaders we are to remain as a relevant influence providing Gods unchanging and everlasting word to an ever changing society. As the world continues to change the impetus for Christian leadership remains the same. Yet we must also acquire new leadership techniques as both the church and the world changes. SUBMITTED BY: RENEE D. SOBERS

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Christian Leadership to Change the World
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