child development

One of the things that impact a child’s overall development is nutrition.
Explain why nutrition is important for child development, and how it has evolved within the family unit. Apply this concept to the lifestyle of busy parents and the impact it has had on the child, and within the family. How has the food industry responded?  How has our government responded?  How have schools responded both with what they serve students and also what they teach students?
Part two-
How does infectious disease and immunizations impact a child’s health? What concerns should parents have? How do parents evaluate false claims, and what is the impact of false claims?

In our society, both gender and peer groups play a vital role in the developing child’s life.
Please talk about how gender roles influence the developing child, cognitively, physically, and social/emotionally.  Is gender biological or is it influenced by society? Are people born gay? What about trans? What sources can you cite to defend your statements?
Peer groups, particularly in middle childhood and adolescence are often greatly influenced by and formed around gender. What is the importance of a peer group? How does being involved in one (or not) impact growth and development in all the domains? [Cognitive, physical, and social/emotional] What sources can you cite to defend your statements?

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child development
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