Case study

3000 words analysis of the case
This is a case study, which means you are expected to research thoroughly and cite your sources in your paper. 
– Background data on the company, its sector and its products
– Details on the scandal
As the main topic of your case study, you should discuss:
– which unethical behaviour, in your opinion, led to the scandal
– which conditions under the theories discussed in class or in the textbook triggered or promoted the ongoing unethical conduct of Wirecard AG. Theories to be used are Corporate Governance, Corporate Culture as well as Whistleblower theories. You may need to read Chapter 5 on Corporate Governance as well as re-read parts of Chapter 4 (p. 171-172) on Organizational Culture as well as p. 221-223 on Ethical Culture and Climate.
– how could the scandal be avoided, if at all? If you had been the ethics’ officer of Wirecard, which measures would you have recommended to the board of directors?

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Case study
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