Car Insurance Database

This task is related to creation and update of database which is going to contain the data of an insurance company. The database is developed in MS-Access. In order to create the database in MS-Access, the first step is to create the database from file menu of the MS-Access and provide any suitable name (e. g. the name chosen for this project is vechicle_insurance). The next step is to use the query option and execute the queries one by one (the queries are available in this document).

All the queries provided in the document are compatible with MS-Access. Six tables are created by the Data Definition Language (DDL) query and the data is inserted into the table by the insert query or Data Modification Language (DML). In addition to DDL & DML, browse, search and update queries are also provided in this document. In the following section, Data dictionary is provided which is a mapping of the fields with the data type.

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Car Insurance Database
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The Entity-relationship (ER) diagram is provided on a separate document which shows the relationship amongst all six table tables and how they are connected to each other. In the ER diagram, Id is primary key for each table. All the tables are normalized to 3rd form of the normalization. Data Dictionary There are six tables in vehicle insurance database. Each table contains certain number of fields. Each field gives the information of related table.


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