Can the exponents in a rate law be determined using a balanced

Experiment 3­ Pre­Lab Assignment:Determination of the Rate Law for a Chemical Reaction.Kim Phan: 1306134101. Can the exponents in a rate law be determined using a balanced chemicalequation?The exponent is known as the order of the reaction of the substance. And theorder of the chemical equation can only be determined experimentally, not fromthe balance equation because the exponents in rate law are not equal to thestoichiometric coefficients.2. Given the general form of reaction: 2A Products, how is a second order reactionrate proved by graphical means?The second order reaction rate is proved by graphical means because if the graphis linear, it tells us that the reaction is second order. The slope of the line is twicethe rate constant, k from the rate law.3. Fill in the volumes required to test the rate law for the reaction between acetoneand iodine using the principles of initial rates. The total volume for eachexperiment must equal 10.0mL.ExperimentVolume of 4.0M acetone(mL)Volume of0.0050 MI2/0.050 M KI(mL)Volume of 1.0M HCl (mL)Volume of DIH2O (mL)ABCD4. Using the method of initial rates, determine the rate law for the following gaseousreaction that occurs in car exhaust systems:NO2(g) + CO(g) NOExperimentABCInitial Rate (Ms­1)0.00500.08000.0050+ CO2(g)(g)[NO2] (M)0.100.400.10[CO] (M)

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